REGISTRATION means paying the fees and making an entry in the competition as per eligibility criteria
SUBMISSION means providing the video of your talent 
  • Anyone born on or before August 01, 2015 is eligible to participate in the competition.

  • GMI 2.0 competition is open for all ages (5+), sex, race, color, nationality. 

  • Anyone from any part of the globe is eligible to participate.

  • In case the participant is minor (less than 18 yrs of age), parents/legal guardian can register on their behalf.

  • Any participant can register in multiple talent categories​. 

  • Your age group will be decided based on the age as of August 01, 2020.

  • ​Participants need to pay the registration fee to enter in GMI 2.0 Competition.

  • Competition Fee is non-refundable and is valid for the competition Year only.

  • Competition Fee for each country is charged in country currency equivalent to fee mentioned in USD. 

  • Payment Gateway is Pay pal. You can make the payment via Pay pal account or credit/debit card. 3% to 6% (approximately as per local laws) service fee will be charged by Pay Pal in addition to Competition fee.

  • There will be 10% volume discount if you choose multiple talent categories.

  • Family members can receive additional 5% discount in the event more than 1 family member is participating.

  • Once your registration is complete, you will receive Registration # via email.
  • Last date to submit the video form is August 10, 2020
  • Participant will need to refer Registration # while uploading your videos and picture in Submission form.
  • Participants need to upload their High Definition profile picture (clearly showing your face)
  • Participants also need to upload 2 videos: 

      • Every Participant must submit Intro Video​ of no more than  90 seconds. 

      • Refer to Video Guidelines before recording your video

      • Participant intro video should consist of following:- 

      • Participant Introduction (Name, Age, City, State, Country) and fun fact nickname etc (if at all)

      • Talent Category (e.g. Singing, Dance, Acting etc) in which Participant is competing (if there are more than one talent categories, then mention all those categories in which you are participating

      • While recording this video (in addition to recording in landscape mode, 1080p, good lighting etc), please show and express in words, that you are very excited to be part of GMI 2.0 and you are looking forward to competing in the MEGA platform of GMI 2.0 organized by SHUDDH DESI RADIO. The intent is for everyone to see your excitement of being part of this Global Competition GMI 2.0


      • ​ Every Participant must submit Prelim Video of not more than 3 minutes 

      • Refer to Talent Category Rules to ensure that your entry is not rejected. 

      • Refer to Video Guidelines before shooting your video.

      • Only UNEDITED & ONE TAKE VIDEO would be considered. 

      • Participants must submit the videos lates by August 10, 2020. Participants will be charged additional amount in case the deadline is missed.

      • Participants will qualify for Final Round based on the evaluation of Prelim Videos by panel of Judges

*Additionally, Prelim round videos will be posted on Shuddh Desi Radio official social media accounts after AUG 10, 2020. After the video is posted on radio Facebook page, participants would need to LIKE and SHARE their videos from radio Facebook page to get more and more likes and views on their prelim video which was originally shared from Shuddh Desi Radio FB page.

One Prelim video from each category which gets Maximum LIKES and SHARES will automatically qualifies to FINALE! That means that participant skips the prelim round judging criteria and goes directly to FINAL ROUND.

Likes and shares will be counted on the videos shared from the radio page only.

Do not forget to Tag #ShuddhDesiRadio and #GMI2.0 on your shares.


      • Qualified Participants for Final Round must submit Final Round Video of not more than 4 minutes. Any extra second of video will cause 3 point penalty.

      • Only UNEDITED & ONE TAKE VIDEO would be considered. 

      • Please check Schedule Page for last date of Final Round Submissions

      • Record in landscape mode (not in portrait mode). The video will be disqualified if the recording has happened in portrait mode. If there are black bands on the right and left side of the video, the video is in portrait mode. 

      • Record in a place where background noise is not there like traffic sounds. Also make sure if you can have videos without  kids crying and family eating food in the background.

      • Ensure the proper lighting. Your face should be clearly seen. Recording in a clearly lit area is a very good idea.

      • There are points for dressing (Presence and Communication). So please make sure that you are dressed appropriately. There is nothing like overdressed in the competition. Especially if you are dancing please make sure you are wearing the right dress code. For example, do not wear jeans for Bharatanatyam performance. 

      • The length of the video cannot exceed 4 minutes. 1 second more causes 3 points penalty. 

      • Please do not announce your name or place in the video even if you are in a Public Speaking Group. You can mention your registration #.

      • Your performance cannot be the same as in the preliminary round.

      • You cannot change your category even if the categories are combined - for example, if you did comedy in the preliminary round you need to do comedy in the Finale round, you cannot dance. This is the same for Miscellaneous. If you recited a poem, you will need to stick with reciting a different poem in Finals. 

      • Submit by going on Submissions Page. Submissions can be done only after the announcement of result. Any submissions for Final round done before the result announcement would not be considered.

Video Quality is a major judgment criterion for online judgement. Participants must follow the following guidelines:
  • Video should be at least in 1080p or higher resolution and audio bitrate should be at least 128kbps.

  • Video should be recorded in LANDSCAPE MODE. ( HORIZONTAL if recording from phone)

  • No effects or VFX should be added to the video.

  • Video should be in MP4 or .mov format.

  • The video should be recorded with a good camera and ample light.

  • The video should be shot in one take.

  • NO EDITING: Video should not be manipulated or edited in any manner. Any video found manipulated/edited will be rejected without any explanations to the participant.

  • The video should not exceed the given time for specific use. There will be tolerance of 5-10 seconds only.



SINGING Video Requirements

  • Prelim song video can be with or without music track. (No more than 3 min)

  • Please follow general video guidelines mentioned above while recording.

  • Shuddh Desi Radio recommends that participants send the latest recordings and not the old recordings.

Public Speaking Video Requirements

  • For Preliminary Round, pick an age appropriate topic of your choice.

  • For Final Round participants will be given the topic from judges, when they make it to finals.

Rest of the categories video Requirements


       Please follow general video guidelines mentioned above while recording.

  • Prelim video should be high quality audio and video both. (No more than 3 min )

  • Shuddh Desi Radio recommends that participants send the latest recordings and not the old recordings.


 Please refer to Judging Criteria mentioned on Judges Page



* Part of the proceeds will be donated to the non profit organization in India.