Frequently asked questions

Can I register in multiple categories?

Yes you can!

Can I record in smule or any other app?

Yes, you can unless you do not use any audio or video effects to your song video and use the app only for the karaoke.

What is the schedule of GMI 2.0?

Last day of Registrations is August 08,2020 Last day to submit your Introduction video and prelimary round video is August 10, 2020 Prelim round results announcement will be on August 25,2020 Last day to submit Final round video is September 14, 2020 GRAND FINALE shows will go Live on Shuddh Desi Radio's FB page starting september 27, 2020. There will be Grand Finale show for each category ie, Voice, Instruments, dance, Public speaking etc. You will receive more information about Finale shows after September 24 depending on whether you made it to Finale or no.

Final Round video - what, how, when

There are a lot of of questions about Final round videos. After the Prelim round result announcement on August 25, you will recive the communication whether you made it to Final round or no. If you made it to Finals then you will need to make a new video for your final performance, that means if competing in voice then you would make a different song video. Dance category- New song - New video Acting/ comedy/ miscellenous - New topic - New video Instruments - New piece/ song - New video Public speaking - You will be given a topic for Final ( For prelims, pick an age appropriate topic of your choice.)

What is the difference between Registration and Submission

Registraion is ensuring that you have provided your name, chosen your category and made the payment. Submission is submitting your promo video and Prelim video along with your profile picture on a seperate form.

What is my topic for Public Speaking?

For Preliminary round, participant can pick any age appropriate topic and talk on that. Video limit is 3 min. If qualified for Finale then a topic will be given by the judge and participant needs to prepare on that specific topic.